In normal use the treatment waveforms are sent to the patient through the head harness. The energy must travel through the body to be used where it is needed. Localized treatment is possible when the head harness is placed near a focal area e.g. for the treatment of Fibrosis’s in the shoulder or a lesion when using the degeneration program.

The attachments enable the energy to be even more focused and thus potentially more effective. The power does not have so far to travel. A jet of water from a hose will clean an area on the wall of a swimming pool if it applied locally rather than having to travel through a mass of water first. Note however that this is not the whole picture: more is not necessarily better. The energy wave is subtle and it is the form rather than the power that is important. Applying locally means that the frequencies are not absorbed by other parts of the body and are more available for the specific aspect selected.

The accessories are compatible with SCIO, INDIGO and EDUCTOR devices. They are connected at the back of the device.


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